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The Who

Individuals ranging in age from adolescence to the elder years. Couples, including those who are dating, married, preparing for marriage, divorced, or co-parenting. New to therapy?  I have a heart for working with people who have never been to therapy. I am committed to walking at each client's pace, and I will diligently work to acclimate each new client to the therapy process. 

The What

I am passionate about meeting clients where they are in their counseling journeys, providing a safe, supportive place for clients to explore vulnerabilities, and assisting clients with building skills to help them cope with life's challenges. I believe in the value of building a non-judgmental rapport with clients, welcoming the incorporation of clients' faith into the counseling process, and honoring clients' cultural and ethnic heritages. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I can assist clients with processing trauma as part of the therapeutic process.

My training includes instruction in grief, crisis, trauma, family systems, relationships, sexuality, multicultural issues, child-centered play therapy, career decisions, and substance use. My counseling experience includes a variety of issues, including sexual abuse, adverse childhood experiences/trauma, depression, anxiety, communication, family concerns, suicidal ideation, self-harm, parenting, self-esteem, relationships, anger, and grief.

The Why

Clients sometimes ask, "Why would I want to talk about past hurts," or "How will I ever get rid of this anxiety," or even "What if I'm never happy in life?" Sometimes the "why" is answered when we are able to process emotions, gain insights, and make meaning of what we have been through. Other times, the "why" is answered when we develop stronger coping skills to deal with distressing situations, or when we learn how to forgive, or when we mend a ruptured relationship. My goal is to partner with you in reaching your goals, to help you clarify your own "why," and to help you find meaning and purpose as you assimilate your "why" into deeper authenticity. 

The How

I approach every client interaction with a person-centered approach, recognizing that you are the expert on your own life. During the course of therapy, we will identify your goals, your values, your thinking patterns, your strengths, your behavioral patterns, and any obstacles to growth. We will proceed at a pace that you are comfortable with, using treatment interventions that employ your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and even your creativity, should you desire. We will address your hopes and your reality, with attention to choices you make to bring your hopes to reality, as well as how those choices are serving you. 

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