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Counseling services for individuals and couples in the metro-Atlanta area

Stones of Meaning
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If there’s one thing recent years have taught us, it’s that life takes unimaginable twists and turns. Oftentimes, we do not realize how deeply events have impacted our lives until we take time to reflect, assess our functioning, and try to make sense of the circumstances. Sometimes we gain insights about life events in a few weeks or months, and other times, it may take years for us to begin connecting the dots. 


Like peeling back layers of an onion, therapy provides clients the opportunity to see that many life events are interconnected by family patterns, past trauma, grief and loss, boundary issues, and learned coping strategies, to name a few. Therapy also gives clients opportunities to strategically prepare for the future, explore personal values and spirituality, strengthen relationships, navigate life transitions, and clarify goals.


The journey of counseling is unique to each person, and research-driven interventions can support your sojourn toward whole-hearted living. Whether you’re new to therapy or would like to continue work you’ve already begun, I will provide a safe environment for you to share, process, emote, create, and find meaning. 


I welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest in counseling and to partner with you in gaining skills, healing hurts, living authentically, and moving forward with confidence.

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