The energy that Shirsten brings when simply walking into a room is uplifting, and the manner in which she converses with me is calming. I am quite the random conversationalist, but Shirsten is able to collectively gather my scattered thoughts, then distinguish the issues, quickly compiling the reasoning to my discontent. Together we are able to come up with solutions. She has made me a better person.                ~~ L. Batin

Before my family worked with Shirsten, we didn't understand the importance of effective communication. We would speak our truths and ignore how it may impact the other person involved. Shutting down and hiding our feelings is how we used to cope. Now we are able to express ourselves in a way that everyone understands and respects.    ~~ J.C.

Although I'm not Shirsten’s client, I’d love to tell you how I benefited from her caring, support and humanity. My late wife, Rebecca, a great friend of Shirsten’s, was nearing the end of her 8-year cancer battle. In Rebecca’s last month, I called Shirsten to ask if she'd come out to spend time with us, because I knew Shirsten was a calm, supportive presence. Shirsten didn’t hesitate and got on a plane right away. She *was* that supportive presence and more. Nobody chooses cancer of course, but this was the path we were given, and Shirsten helped us take richness and growth from this experience.  


With Shirsten, you’ll be in great hands. I know Shirsten is sincere in caring and wanting to help people. She’s incredibly smart and can leverage the great tools she’s learned to help you navigate challenges in your life. I can’t recommend Shirsten highly enough to help you in your life journey.                                                        ~~ Craig G.

It is hard to put in words how exceptional Shirsten is as a therapist. At the core, she is absolutely in the right calling - she cares deeply about her clients and has the perfect suite of skills, from being able to diagnose, to walking you through difficult moments and situations in order to find the other side, to helping you grow, to seeing you as a unique person and not a case study. This is way more than a job for her, and her clients are truly fortunate to have her walk alongside them.      ~~ J.F.